A month long coding & designing extravaganza for first year developers
and designers.


SDSLabs along with MDG presents Winter of Code 2018.

A month long online programme for freshers. The programme helps students to get involved in open source and to develop a product sense. Also preps them for many open source summer programmes, Google Summer of Code being one of them.

  • Foster the culture of Open Source
  • Introduction to GSoC environment
  • Direct entry to SDSLabs / MDG Interviews
  • Mentorship from past year GSoC holders


Sample Proposals

Follow the guidelines given to prepare an effective proposal!
Sample proposals are given for reference.
Proposals of previous years' GSoC participants are also available.

Proposals of previous year's GSoC participants can be viewed here

Proposal Guidelines for MDG can be viewed here

Sample proposal for SDSLabs Designers can be viewed here

Proposal Guidelines

A good proposal is well formatted and easy to read for the reviewers. It must be precise and contain relevant details while avoiding any extra information.

You must clearly take care of the following points in your proposal -

  • Description
  • Use Cases
  • Impact
  • Timeline
  • Context (with respect to SDSLabs or MDG)

While describing the timeline, be very clear about specific goals you will be completing during this one month in a weekly fashion.

While we encourage fresh and innovative ideas from you people, it's upto you to make sure that you select a realisitic goal considering the time duration of one month.